My dad is fixing the floor in one of the rooms in our house, and he found this!


A letter and a postcard dated the 14 september 1912 (!!!)

It’s written to a Miss Hedvig Lindberg, who apparently has two sisters named Judith and Anna (and Judith is apparently soon to be married to a Daniel). We have no idea who has written the letter however, it does not have a signature =/


Anyway, this person writes that he/she would like to visit Hedvig (and her family) in their new house. So apparently this Hedvig is a member of the first family who lived in this house! We have records of the house being built in 1913, but it could be wrong I guess. Other than that this person apologises for taking so long to answer Hedvigs letter. And he/she is going to his/her grandmother and will be away for a month. 

Then there’s this weird paragraph that we can’t make clear what this person means. He/she writes (after talking about the marriage between Judith and Daniel) that “but you and I are not in a hurry Hedvig. At least I can say so because I can’t get one (sort of written like that). But we are not in a relationship with you because you don’t have a family like mine”

"…because you don’t have a family like mine". What? Do these two want to be in a relationship? have they been? Don’t have a family like mine.. do they come from different social classes? just what. Hedvig is often referred to as ‘dearest’, but that was not really unusual for that time… or? and in the beginning of the letter she is refered to as “my dearest old friend Hedvig”. Idk

Needless to say the history nerd in me is squealing


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