»Pros of sorting through pictures: finding houses you’ve forgotten about

»Fairview; teenage bedroom

»Fairview; hallway

»Fairview; hallway

»Fairview; bathroom

»Fairview; master bedroom

Revisiting an old fave today, sigh

Revisiting an old fave today, sigh

Since I’ve not been bothered to open my game lately, have a picture (or three) of a house my sister is currently building. With sneak peeks of the interior

if you know where this is from I’ll give you a cookie

if you know where this is from I’ll give you a cookie

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Birchwood meadow

Fully furnished, cc free, two storey family home. Three bedrooms (one with bunk bed and crib), three bathrooms, combined kitchen and dining room, living room etc etc. There is also some animal stuff scattered around the house, and a dog house in the backyard


  • Pets, supernatural and university
  • 1.63 patch or up

If there’s anything causing problems (like the CFE stairs), let me know :) Enjoy!


!Do not re-upload or claim as your own! also, if you download it and post pictures of it here on simblr, please do tag the posts with ‘simsplification’ or the house name, I’d love to see c:

Another house that will be up soon. Fully furnished, no cc, only 3 EP’s required c: